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Abroad MBA Vs Domestic MBA? Which is better?

If I want to do MBA abroad what will be the procedure? Is MBA abroad better option than domestic MBA?
asked May 8, 2012 in Study Abroad by anonymous
recategorized May 8, 2012 by Srikanth

2 Answers

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If you have work experience you can think of MBA Abroad, unlike in India Business Schools abroad don't take fresh pass outs you should have a minimum work experience. If you do have, you need to appear for either GRE, GMAT, IELTS or TOEFL depending on the Country you wish to go.

Domestic MBA is useful and handy for people whose motive is to get placed soon after MBA, abroad MBA is likely to be for Business people who either own business or want to start one. The cost involved is high.
answered May 8, 2012 by anonymous

There is a lot of difference between Aborad Mba and Domestic Mba. According to me Aborad MBA is better than domestic. Aborad colleges or universities have standard facilities of study and highly qualified professors. However, I want to know about http://www.easyessaywriters.org/ but it's sound good and helpful platform to get answers of questions.

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My personal advice is that if have you had work experience, then you can think of MBA abroad http://www.apexessays.com/essay-writing-service/.


answered May 6 by mattronson2