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sir, i m student of std 12th  biology stream of science.  plese suggest me a way that i do b.sc or medical ahead. and what is the scope for b.sc if i do it from bigger universities like DU  . Is there any foreign country exam . I dont want to drop a year for prepration of medical entrance exams.  i scored 160 marks in aipmt_pre- 2012.  plese suggest me best way
asked Apr 21, 2012 in Medical by anonymous

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Of the two you mentioned B.Sc and Medical (MBBS), MBBS has got more value, I would strongly advice you to prepare hard for medical entrance exams. If you can manage to join in BDS it will also be fine, as dentists have got huge demand, I am not sure if it is same with B.Sc the scope for growth is less.
answered Apr 26, 2012 by Srikanth Krishna