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i want information abt software engg

by doing software engg is there successful future in life?????there will be any problem in getting job or aftr job is there????must tell
asked Jul 24, 2013 in Others by soniya patil

2 Answers

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Go for a job which suits you and your career goal; it helps you excel in career. Software jobs give an excellent edge to individuals, talented and people who have sound knowledge on technology will draw handome salary. It depends on your interest, if you like the job what you do you will excell.
answered Jul 24, 2013 by Srikanth
kk sir,......!!!!!in market there is a demand for software engg????
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Being a software engineer is awesome until you get promoted to management, then it sucks. If your passion is coding, then your goal should not be to get promoted. If you have leadership skills like I do, then you become a team lead, still doing a lot of the coding but also supporting the junior team members. I find this very fulfilling, because it lets me do what I love and takes advantage of my natural abilities. I have formal training in management, but that's part of the reason I know I don't like it.. See here the advantages and disadvantages of this career.

answered Aug 31, 2016 by McGee