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my nimcet all india rank is 1695(obc),can i be able to get a seat in any NITs

asked Jun 6, 2012 in MCA by Samantha Likson
recategorized Jun 13, 2012 by Srikanth
Sir my obc rank is 421 in NIMCET,have i left any chance for admission into NIT?
Samantha what is your rank in general.

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my nimcet air is 478 can i be able to get a seat in any nits
answered Jun 7, 2012 by anonymous
Category please?
Category is general...
please answer to my question....
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You can expect in NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Agartala, NIT Raipur. NIT Durgapur  and NIT Jamshedpur (may be).
answered Jun 7, 2012 by Srikanth Krishna
is that ans for me?