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About year gap in studies?

Sir, since I had some personal problem I have 2 years gap. I am graduated in 2012 and I will do MBA from 2014 academic year So it will be 2 years of gap, since I didnt do any job. If I want to get a good Business School will it this gap bother? Pls suggest good way of answering this, as I am capable of getting good score in MAT. Can I get top b-school in Bangalore or Pune?
asked Sep 27, 2013 in MBA by Mohini

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To an extent it will have a negative impact if you are targetting Tier 1 colleges such as IIMs, XLRIs, FMS Delhi, SP Jain etc. It shouldn't be a problem if you are going to go through MAT score.

It is suggested you honestly cite the reason for the gap, even if it means you tried hard to get a job & failed to get one. Be honest, panelists can grasp according to the variation in your tome when you lie. So be honest and tell the truth. Also tell them what you have learnt as an experience and tell them in such a way that they realize you are curious about your career.

It should work!
answered Sep 27, 2013 by Srikanth Krishna
selected Sep 28, 2013 by Mohini
Thank you sir!
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Get some work exp certificate yaar..or any training certificate showing that you have learnt some course.
answered Sep 27, 2013 by Sunil
Thank u for u r idea but..I have no work exp & not gone over any course.