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What is the difference between AIMA PGDM & AICTE PGDM?

The college where I am planning for my PG in Management is offering AIMA PGDM. I am confused whether it is same as AICTE PGDM. The college told me that AIMA PGDM is also AICTE approved, which among the two are good.
asked Sep 27, 2013 in MBA by Chetan Kumar

PGDM-AIMA is any day better than PGDM because AIMA-PGDM is AICTE approved plus its approved by Ministery of HRD and Govt of India.

AIMA offres 2yrs full time course which is full of knowledge and practical internships.

I hope this solves your querry


But in the AIMA website itself they have mentioned that they dont offer any full time course.But study centers like LIBA offer full time AIMA PGDM.Is it worth doing there?Do they offer placements?How this AIMA PGDM is recognized outside INDIA?

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AIMA PGDM is a distance certificate course approved by DEB - Distance Education Board & and it approved by AICTE. AIMA PGDM hence will be treated as a Distance PGDM.

AICTE PGDM offered by Business Schools approved by AICTE on the other hand it is full time regular course just like full time MBA course offered by Universities.

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answered Apr 19, 2015 by Srikanth
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AIMA is the body which conducts MAT if I am not wrong, their PGDM is approved by DEC - Distance Education Council which may have AICTE approval but it is not same as AICTE PGDM. AIMA PGDM is same as distance or certificate course.
answered Sep 27, 2013 by Sunil
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Go through http://www.aima.in/education-services/faqs/frequently-asked-questions.html they have clearly mentioned that AIMA doesn't offer any full time courses and all it's courses are under distance education.

I copy pasted the below

Q. Does AIMA-CME offer any full time course or all the courses are offered through distance learning?
A.AIMA-CME does not offer any full time programme. We offer all programmes through distance learning mode only. Distance learning mode differs from correspondence in the sense that students are required to attend contact programmes (11 PCPs per subject per module for select subjects) at the local Study Centres. This activity is supplemented by comprehensive set of assignments and practical sessions as well.

answered Oct 2, 2013 by Jhonny