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Engineering dropout.Need advice..

Hope some indian students are here...I need help..

I am engineering dropout..i passed 12th in 2010. I am seeking urgent advice..I joined in 2010..I had passed first year but i fell very sick during 4th sem in 2012 due to which i could not attend my exam.Then last january 2013 i took readmission but i failed to clear all papers..12 back papers..I dropped out in july 2013.Now i am at home..I want to continue education in some field but i am really worried coz of these gap..I want to join regular college again but i dont know what to do..Will i get admission? I am also not able to join engineering because of NFT(Not fit for technical course) which university gave me..I have taken readmission into 4th sem last january,. Now

Personally i was never the study time..I enjoyed lazing my time fishing/With friends or just travelling..I still managed to score 70% average throughout my school and college life...Just started failing all through 2nd year of engineering.. I want to join bba/bca and then try for an MBA but i am worried coz of 4 year gap i will not get job...By that time i will be 25/26.. Please suggest some good way out..I am 20 year old(13/11/1992)..My bday in a few days..
Please answer..Awaiting suggestions.

I have had a very stressful time both in my college and family life..I feel troubled,unstable and uncertain of my future..And i have practically no idea why i am posting this here..BUt i still am..just asking for some form of help

I had a chance to go into CBSE in 7th but i passed it up as i was not so much career oriented, I had a chance to do some other course than engineering but thinking only in terms of money making and not thinking of my interest i ended up this way..Have i destroyed my future?
My parents are still stressing on the fact that so many people passed why couldn't you..My situations got a lot worse..I felt alone.scared,lonely..I used to live with some friends but soon it turned into money lending/borrowing and fights over who would clear exams and who would not..Depression creeped in,Things got worse than before...My mind shut off..It was stressful for me but now i feel i am in more deeper trouble..

Hell,I even thought of ending my life but never manged to get the guts to do it..The thought of unhappy parents and a unhappy afterlife just made me sick...I am still a bit unsure as to whether i should waste more of my parents money in this chain of events..My parents were Govt.employees so no business for me to look after..I would gladly do it now if available..Still thinking of way out...
Any views on my situation?
asked Nov 6, 2013 in Engineering by Kingston

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I personally appreciate you in taking time to write your entire situation and also your interest to continue studies is much appreciated. Pls note that education is important but it is not everything.

Instead of taking a dig on your past, concentrate on your future. The best advice I can give you is that look for a job, there are many companies which are looking to hire you only thing is that your attempt should be sincere. Call centre, technical support, process associates, marketing roles etc. While doing a job you do a part time degree (recognized by UGC) something like BBM then you will get a basic degree + work exp and then you can do MBA anywhere in the world.

The best thing for you is to look at a job. Try yourself through various online portals such as naukri.com, monster.com or shine.com etc Nothing stops you from growing go ahead!

All the best!
answered Nov 6, 2013 by Srikanth Krishna
Thats great and all..But the thing is i live in a small town in karnataka and there are no companies or call centre's here..If i have to get a job as you say i have to shift bangalore which is not possible for me..I want to join up for a regular course and continue from next year so please suggest if this is a good idea..I already have 3 years gap and i don't know how its going to affect or how i am going to tackle it out...
If you want to do a full time degree it will take another three years; as I said look for a job and get a distance degree while working. You have to move outside of your small town to fetch a job. Leave your comfort zone and work hard, it is your career.
I will think about it..Thank you.