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should i take provisional admission.

i did not appeared in any entrance exams and all entrance exams 4 dis session has already been held once. HBS(kolkata)  is asking me to take provisional admission on the condition that wbjemat will b held again i just have to submit the scorecard but in case wbjemat( 2nd phase) is not held then they will refund back my money . classes have already started bt they r nt ready to give this in writing . should i take the admission beacuse i am sacred about the money in case the wbjemat 2nd phase is nt held. plz help
asked Aug 13, 2014 in MBA by Avilash Shaw

2 Answers

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Yes, you take provisional admission.
answered Aug 27, 2014 by anonymous
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Your admission status will be finalised once you submit your score card.
answered Apr 5, 2016 by adipoliachayan