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regarding arrear exams

HI sir, i studied biomedical engineering but still i have 15 more arrears .am confused whether to concentrate arrears alone. my family is not that good. i am not able to join a job neither concentrate these arrears . i am confused please guide me whether i should go for job concentrate arrears alone. but i passed coll in 2011.please guide to take a decision
asked Oct 1, 2016 in Engineering by rekha

1 Answer

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Very nice questions you have shared here. This answer may helpful source for the other readers also. All the basic strategies mentioned in some basic arrear books and also are applicable to everyone. So here may this basic question can solve from the Internet. According to me as a biomedical engineering, You should focus on both. Hope will get a proper solution for your valuable query.

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answered Oct 11, 2016 by PeteFrazier