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Sir-Im 20 yrs old,engineering dropout,as i was detained from the college that i ailed to get credits to go 3rd yr this was bcoz lack of interest in engneering even though i tried my best to clear the subjects to get the credits but i could'nt.As it is important to have a degree,So i want to do BBA or basic degree in any easier stream,so that i could try for an govt job or do agriculture in modern ways in our land.So,kindly please give ur suggestions abt easier courses in degree & abt BBA

asked Apr 23, 2017 in Jobs & Career by Avinash Reddy

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Well, getting a job after graduation is not easy because the graduates lack professional experience but you can try to finish courses to get an additional knowledge. Actually, it’s important to take any chance to get a job and working experience. Thus, I think that you may consider various internships in your field. Into my opinion, many graduates underestimate internship opportunities. I think that they must keep in mind this federal resume writing service and complete professional resume writings to make up a professional resume and get a better chance to get hired.

answered Jul 8, 2017 by John78