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Regarding allotment of seat

My ALL INDIA RANK in NIMCET 2012 is 1543 and OBC Rank is 373. I did not get any seat till 3rd round of allotment. And now I am getting worried about my allotment in any NITs. Do you think Sir, I would be lucky to have chance of admission/allotment of seat in any NITs.

Looking forward for your Co-operation. Thanking You!

asked Jul 2, 2012 in MCA by Nasim Belal

1 Answer

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Hi Nasim, You will get either in NIT Kurukshetra or NIT Raipur don't loose hope!
answered Jul 2, 2012 by Srikanth Krishna
Also did not get seat in 4th round round of allotment with AIR 1543 and OBC Rank 373..what should i do?
Try for the final round of allotment, read the procedure to unlock choices at