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which is better to do mca either nit warangal or hcu

i got seat in nit warangal through nimcet 2012 and i got selected for university of hyderabad also,can u please tell me which one should i join and why.
asked Jul 5, 2012 in MCA by golisudheer28

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My preference would be NIT Warangal of the two you have mentioned. NIT Warangal is an Institute of national importance and NITs have autonomy, they modify curriculum as per Industry needs and main reason why I would deny University of Hyderabad is because it is in Hyderabad where there is instability politically from past few years, students are facing severe problems w.r.t Telangana agitation. As a result it will also have an impact on placements.
answered Jul 5, 2012 by Srikanth
selected Jul 5, 2012 by golisudheer28