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Can i get any NIT ON RANK 747 GENERAL?

SIR ,i got air 747 in NIMCET 2012. Is there any posibility of getting any NIT.??
  also i have got AIR 57 in BHU,can i get a seat in BHU?
If i can get both what should i prefer??
please please answer..
asked Jul 5, 2012 in MCA by anonymous

1 Answer

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Through your NIMCET Rank you mayn't get seat during regular seat allotment, may be during spot counselling you may get. If you get seat in BHU go with that, it is the best and top university only next to Delhi University.
answered Jul 5, 2012 by Srikanth
Thanks sir,
there are two campuses in BHU.The south campus is self financed.Should i choose south campus over nit(if i get)?The placement cell is same.
NIT or BHU both are equally good, if you get the desired NIT of your choice then go for it else even BHU MCA too is a good choice.