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what is best nit raipur for mca or wiprowase progam

sir i got nit raipur..my air is 652.(open)..i want know..is it a better option for mca or not..i had been selected for wipro wase program tooo...whai should i go for??

wipro wase or nit raipur for mca..pls rply soon..ite very imprtmt for me
asked Jul 11, 2012 in MCA by anonymous

1 Answer

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Wipro wase programme is a 4 year course which is conducted off campus, after course completion it will be treated as equivalent to MS from BITS Pilani. MCA is a 3 years on campus course. I would suggest to go with NIT Raipur MCA programme.
answered Jul 11, 2012 by Srikanth