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Where can I get the list of AICTE approved MBA Colleges?

Provide me asap the list of AICTE MBA approved colleges in India?? I shall be thankful..
asked Jul 12, 2012 in MBA by anonymous
If we consider to look for AICTE approval, even ISB Hyderabad among top 10 business schools is also not approved by AICTE, AICTE approves even some colleges without proper infra..just bribe them and you should get a nod! So just don't blindly go for the AICTE mark instead evaluate the Business School using your own assessment; talking to senior students in the campus is the best thing to do. :)

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You will get the list of AICTE approved MBA colleges on AICTE website itself, visit http://www.aicte-india.org/downloads/mis/Management.htm
answered Jul 12, 2012 by Srikanth
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answered Jul 26, 2012 by sudeep.e