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Career Advice: MBA after B.Tech

Do we get good jobs with MBA qualification, I have heard that the average salary offered to MBA student will be same as a B.Tech graduate. I am confused should I opt for MBA or look for job and after few years go to a good Business School?
asked May 4, 2012 in MBA by CyberDon
I would like to add will there be placement guarantee after MBA, will B.Tech students have preference??

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You have made some interesting points, firstly let me clarify you that doing MBA or not is depending on your career goal. MBA aspirants should have a clear vision on why they want to go for MBA. B.Tech & MBA are two different domains one is a technical course and the later is a management course, it would be unfair to have a comparision.

As far as the salary is concerned, if you were to do MBA from a reputed Business School you are salary will be more than a B.Tech grad. In any case to give a rough estimate B.Tech grads who go for IT jobs are getting good salary some where around 2.5L to 3.5L. MBA grads from non premier Business Schools will start with a salary package of 4.0L to 5.0L depending on the job and company.

Placements largely depends on the student even at MBA level, it is important to develop necessary qualities and be industry ready.
answered May 4, 2012 by Srikanth Krishna