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Which is best?

If I have a job offer in hand and my dream is to do MBA? Which should I prefer and why?
asked Aug 5, 2012 in Jobs & Career by jitu

The better one is to learn more . i meant for to do MBA. so it will help to get a professional job rather than this. if your situation is not good for this circumstances and you wish to do a post graduate digree, then try it as a distinct course.. so you can keep two things as nice.. Writing thesis is a task being given to the students of  MBA. And most of the students are worried of not knowing to write it well and hence getting low marks.  Custom essay  writing service  is the no.1 service that would help the students to complete their task at affordable price.

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It depends on what job you have in hand? Cleaner, Sweeper, Driver or Software Engineer?? If you have a job of your interest then go for it, if not do MBA. The choice has to be yours and on your family circumstances also you should see what is good.
answered Aug 5, 2012 by Derbis