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Which specialization is good in MBA for a B.Sc student? do dual spacialisation like IT and finance? or else?

asked Aug 27, 2012 in MBA by trilok ghadage
Sir iam anand..actually iam bsc student in,now iam purtuing which I will take the best specilization in mba?
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I will suggest you do information technology in MBA because B.SC students generally has good technology knowledge compare to other
answered Jan 10, 2013 by msmkhana
selected Sep 25, 2013 by Srikanth
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Usually for all students Marketing is good to choose, thats where everyone's career begins with. For B.Sc students I would suggest to have marketing as a minor specialization atleast, so take MBA with dual specialization, Major as IT & Minor as Marketing.
answered Aug 28, 2012 by Srikanth
thanks srikanth!! but as a think for job, companies are alaways prefer major subject minor subject are  are really helpful in career?
Yes companies consider major specialization for jobs.
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