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How to improve communication skills?

Any tips sir to improve so that I am able to talk english fast..
asked Sep 3, 2012 in Soft Skills by Ravi

2 Answers

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The more you talk the more you can improve, reading books or english news papers helps or listening someone speak in English can help and more importantly speaking in what ever English you know without hesitation will dramatically improve your speaking skills.

You may commit mistakes but that is the way you learn, start speaking, make mistakes and correct them as you progress.
answered Sep 3, 2012 by Srikanth
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The first step in improving your communication skills is looking inward. In what scenarios are you comfortable or uncomfortable? Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you think verbally or visually? Discovering your own style is the major part of the process. The remainder? Ask how can you make that style work for you. Pay attention to how others perceive you as you are today, and even ask close friends. Sometimes others misinterpret our own style and read meaning where there is none.... such as perceiving introverts as snobs or extroverts as blowhards. Learn what you're doing now and how it's perceived.

Next, think about your communication goals. You're asking a question, so I presume there is motivation. Are you wanting to be able to more easily talk to strangers? Do you want to be a writer? Ask what specific areas you're looking to improve, and why. Either use your natural tendencies to help you, or learn to mitigate them to achieve your goals.

Finally, PRACTICE. Once you learn your style, how it is perceived, and the goals you have, put yourself in scenarios to practice what you seek to improve. Go to networking events, write in a journal, take a continuing ed class... whatever it takes to get outside your comfort zone. And when you're practicing, measure your improvements by continuing to ask for feedback. Feedback is to ONLY measure of audience understanding, which is the goal of any communicator.

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answered Jul 17, 2016 by joeswinn