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regarding pattern of aieee

i secured 80% in board 2012. but 74% in physics, chemistry, and maths taken together.I got 93 in english and 86 in physical education. i want to give improvement exam. the problem arises here that bits need improvement in all five subject. i am not sure about getting so good marks in english and physical again. now though improvement in PCM, it may be possible that i get less marks in english and physical resulting in again 80% marks. later if in aieee i give my board marks, will they consider my 2013 board marks or 2012 board marks or combined board marks in which maximum marks of each subject will be taken in consideration?
asked Sep 14, 2012 in Engineering by mayankraisharma

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Firstly there is no AIEEE next year, you need to appear for JEE 2013. Improvement exams can be given, the best marks will be considered in my view. If your marks in improvement exam is less than your previous regular board exams, your previous marks can be submitted.

No AIEEE from 2013, instead prepare for JEE Main

answered Sep 15, 2012 by Srikanth Krishna