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NEET Admission Form Returned giving reason RTO Ne Lene Se Mana Kar Diya !


Greetings ! My daughter duly filled NEET adminission form sent through SPEED post to Delhi address got returned stating hindi remark: "RTO ne lene se mana kar diya"  means (RTO refused to accept). Desperately looking way forward, trying to call NEET official delhi following help line number but unable to get through.
Help Line : 011-22041807, 22041808 | 011-2509257 | Toll Free Number:          1800118002       
Have forwarded several email reminder to: neet.cbse@nic.in email id, but no response as yet. 
Can your team guide what should I do ?
Best Regards,
Vinod Negi
asked Jan 3, 2013 in Medical by vinod.negi

2 Answers

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You can send the confirmation page once again, there is still time for that. 10 Jan 2013 is the last date nothing to worry please resend immediately.
answered Jan 5, 2013 by Srikanth Krishna

Yes, Thank you, have already done that, want to share the photo snap shot of returned SPEED POST mail, NEET-> RTO is still murder mistry to us ?NEET-2013 Returned Speed POST Image

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How can RTO object it? It must a problem with the courier company.
answered Jan 5, 2013 by Srikanth Krishna

that's even surprising to us as well, i have photo snapshot of return speed post courier which I would like to share here, don't even know who this RTO is ?

 Rejection Photo Snapshot