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Btech through distance education???

Good morning.... I'm 18 years old boy from Trichy. I have a question.. I am doing B.A English literature and want to do B.tech(Mechanical engineering) through distance education. My friend asked me do distance education in EXCEL COLLEGE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION. Their office was in Mumbai and When I contact them through phone they gave me their bank details and asked me to pay the fees.....Can I believe this insitution? here is their website... http://www.bestcollegeindia.com/contactus.php. I am going to do MBA in future...so even though it's distance education...it will be good for me...Thank you in advance for your help...
asked Mar 27, 2013 in Engineering by Adam Crazzy Spirals

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You should refain yourself from paying or depositing any amount of money to any person or entity without verfying the credentials. As of now B.Tech through distance mode is a new term, the government has not yet technical education through distance mode. You can check on Distance Education Council website http://www.dec.ac.in/Doc/BTechMTech.pdf.
answered Apr 2, 2013 by Srikanth Krishna